The Left, the Mosque and Islam

Barrett Kalellis Contributor
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The current controversy in New York City over the construction of an “Islamic Center” at Ground Zero reveals a lot more about leftists in positions of influence – Democratic politicians, pundits and others who should know better – and demonstrates their total lack of understanding of political Islam and the increasing danger it represents for all of America.

Bleeding heart liberals like NYC Mayor Bloomberg and N.Y. Congressmen Jerrold Nadler and Anthony Weiner and even Senator Charles Schumer have been falling all over themselves, declaring that “freedom of religion” demands that the Muslims have a right to build their edifice anywhere they want, in spite of overwhelming opposition by New Yorkers and the rest of the country.

Protesting groups spend most of their time pointing to the unsavory associations and past inflammatory statements of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is spearheading the Mosque project along with his wife.  As a tactic, this kind of protest is misdirected, in my view, and takes away from revealing the larger picture of the stealth jihad that is really behind the project.

To our great detriment, the American political class, and practically all of the electorate, is still ignorant of the nature and true motives of Islam.  It is an ignorance that will continue to harm us, just like it is creating havoc in Western European countries, and in other hot spots around the globe where there are large Muslim populations.

This intellectual laziness, and a pervasive political correctness, culminates in a dangerous unawareness and lack of understanding of the enemy, whom we are still fighting in two theaters in the Middle East, to uncertain ends.  The distinction made by the left – that radical Islamists are different from the “moderate Muslims” – is a canard at heart.

Although it is true that the majority of Muslims are not violent jihadists, it is also true that Islam teaches that it is the duty of all Muslims to live under Sharia law, with its attendant hatred of Jews and Christians, and to seek its implementation, by deception if necessary, in whatever region they are able to dominate.  This goal, in fact, is stated both privately and publicly by Muslim organization leaders in the U.S., many times in Arabic directed to native speakers, with declarations of the opposite to English-speaking, gullible Americans.

In Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, Sharia is the law of the land.  Look at Western Europe, where large Muslim populations are calling for the imposition of Sharia, creating unrest, particularly among youth, that will not go away until increasing Muslim demographics force it upon a then-minority of non-Muslim citizens.

Sooner or later Americans must come to realize that Islam, its goals and its adherents are forever unassimilable in American society.  Under the guise of a religion – Islam is actually a hostile political ideology with some spiritual elements mixed in – Muslims take advantage of the pluralism of our society to mask their intentions and to push ever harder for special rights and privileges to impose elements of Sharia in the areas in which they are dominant.

Jihad watchers notice these things: publicly funded footbaths at colleges and universities; whitewashed and deceptive descriptions of Islam in school textbooks; judges in districts that allow Muslim men to beat their wives; media that ignore examples of honor killings in the U.S.; Muslim organizations that use the courts to claim discrimination in the attempt to prevent dissenters from speaking critically of Islam, and so on.

The American Left has a long and ignoble history of currying favor with dishonorable people – murderers, even – from Fidel Castro to Hugo Chavez to Chairman Mao.  But taking the side of barbarians, who in the name of their “religion” fly planes into buildings, or behead Christian schoolgirls on their way to classes, or who shoot Christian medical workers in cold blood, is only a sign of their benightedness.

Only this time, continual obsequiousness to Muslim sensibilities with the wishful thinking of some sort of feel-good ecumenism will end up biting them in the butt.  Besides engendering a giant horselaugh from Muslims around the world, a mosque at Ground Zero will accomplish nothing more than stir up hatreds for future generations of nascent jihadists in the Manhattan district, as most of the other mosques around the country have been documented to do.

The only real answer to this very palpable problem is to crack down on the practice of Islam in the United States.  Imam preachings of hatred and dominance should be carefully monitored, suspicious characters should be questioned about any jihadist tendencies, as well as strict limits be put upon Muslim immigration.

In the 1940s, Nazi Bund members were scrutinized in this country, as were communists in the 1950s, for subversive activities.  Today, Islam represents even more of a threat, and will continue to do so, unless Americans wake up from their slumber lest they lose their country.

Barrett Kalellis is a Michigan-based columnist, writer and pundit, whose articles appear regularly in various local and national print and online publications.