Democrats call on Michelle Obama to hit the campaign trail

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The White House’s efforts to hold on to a majority in Congress have expanded from the West Wing to the East Wing, where political operatives are calling on Michelle Obama to campaign for endangered Democrats.

Unlike her husband, the first lady has maintained her appeal to women, independents, and the new and young voters who helped propel her family into the White House. She has won praise for the issues she has chosen to champion, such as curbing childhood obesity. She has become something of a cultural and fashion icon, drawing a different kind of attention to the White House. And with an approval rating of 66 percent, she is easily the administration’s most popular figure.

Yet sending the first lady onto the trail is not a risk-free strategy. Obama seems to have little margin for error, as her every move is dissected and scrutinized by fans and, especially, political foes. Her recent vacation to Spain with daughter Sasha, for instance, was criticized by many on the left and the right for being overly extravagant at a time of dire need for many Americans.

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