Researchers propose statin with fast food

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Make that a burger, fries and a side of Lipitor, please.

It could happen. As a public service, British researchers are proposing that fast-food eateries dole out complimentary cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to offset the hazardous glories of their fatty cuisines.

“When people engage in risky behaviors like driving or smoking, they’re encouraged to take measures that minimize their risk, like wearing a seat belt or choosing cigarettes with filters. Taking a statin is a rational way of lowering some of the risks of eating a fatty meal,” said Dr. Darrel Francis, a cardiologist at the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London.

“It’s ironic that people are free to take as many unhealthy condiments in fast-food outlets as they like, but statins, which are beneficial to heart health, have to be prescribed,” he noted.

Representatives from Merck, which manufactures Lipitor, and Pfizer, maker of Zocor, declined to comment on the idea. McDonald’s Corp. also did not respond to an inquiry.

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