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Yes, Barack, we certainly can smell it

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Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon won the Connecticut Republican primary for Senator this week, so of course the Democrats are on the attack. Chris Moody reports:

Democratic organizations took a hard line against the [WWE] Tuesday night after McMahon beat out former Congressman Rob Simmons in the state Republican primary, accusing her of many things, including profiting from peddling violence to children…

On Tuesday, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman Eric Schultz called WWE programming “violent, sexually explicit material that glorified the exploitation of women, and the mentally disabled.” Democratic National Committee spokesman Hari Sevugan accused the GOP of nominating “a candidate who kicks men in the crotch, thinks of scenes of necrophilia as ‘entertainment,’ and runs an operation where women are forced to bark like dogs,” referring to sketches that appeared in WWE programming during McMahon’s tenure as CEO.

Yes, it’s awful. How could anyone running for public office have anything to do with such a shameful–

Yeah, but that was different. Because… because it just was. Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up.

P.S. From Blackhawk in the comments: “Don’t you see the difference? Linda McMahon ran a successful, profitable business that brought entertainment to millions of people, so, naturally, she’s evil. Obama just wanted to score some votes by making an awkward, ridiculous, forced appeal to people he doesn’t know and would’t be caught dead with under any other circumstances, so he’s the good guy.”

Jim Treacher