New RNC ad casts Democratic candidates as JetBlue attendants fleeing Air Force One

Jon Ward Contributor
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A new Republican ad released Monday sought to draw attention to President Obama’s falling approval rating and the economy’s continued malaise, using the infamous tantrum-throwing JetBlue flight attendant from New York.

The 50-second web ad — released by the Republican National Committee as a fundraising vehicle — casts Democratic candidates in the role of Steven Slater, who last week pulled the emergency exit lever on a flight arriving in New York and slid down the inflatable chute after announcing he had quit his job.

Sen. Michael Bennet, the Colorado Democrat who is running for a full term after being named to the job in 2009, is shown in the cartoon sitting in the front row of Air Force One as Obama announces he is coming to campaign for him.

Bennet and the several other Democrats are then shown sliding down a yellow inflatable slide out the side door of Air Force One, screaming as they hit the ground and run away from the plane.

Bennet has generated headlines with his recent hedging on whether he wants Obama to come campaign for him in the fall.

This week, Obama is traveling to Wisconsin, California, Washington, Ohio and Florida to raise money for state and national parties as well as individual candidates.

Watch the ad here:

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