Facebook partnership is proven by $3,000 check, lawyer says

The western New York man suing over claims he owns 84 percent of Facebook Inc. has a copy of a $3,000 cashier’s check his lawyer says is proof of a contract with Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg.

The purported 2003 check is made out to Zuckerberg and dated three days before Paul Ceglia claims the two men signed a contract, according to the attorney. That agreement, Ceglia said in court papers, entitles him to control of the world’s biggest social networking website.

A copy of the check was turned over by a Wellsville, New York, branch of Community Bank N.A. last week, according to Terrence Connors, a lawyer for Ceglia. The Wellsville Daily Reporter published what appears to be a cashier’s check on its website.

The check is the first independently produced evidence to be made public seeking to prove Ceglia’s allegations that he had a contractual relationship with Zuckerberg. Connors said the copy of the check is among bank records he obtained as evidence in the case, now pending in federal court in Buffalo, New York.

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