The American taxpayer is paying for the Ground Zero Mosque

Benny Johnson Contributor
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Dear American Taxpayer,

You are paying for the Ground Zero Mosque.

Chances are you’re in not in the 20% of people who support the blasphemous Ground Zero mega-mosque. But guess what? You are currently paying for the Imam who wants to build it to visit Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar to raise money for it.

Reports the New York Post;

‘London-based Arabic-language newspaper that interviewed Abdul Rauf reported that he said he would also [on his State Department funded trip to the middle east] collect money from Muslim and Arab nations around the world — raising the possibility that the American government is helping him build contacts in oil-rich states.’

Indeed, we are sending Imam Abdul Rauf to the richest Islamic nations this week to begin fundraising for a Hamas-approved Mosque – on our own dime.  In case you missed it, this Imam has also accused America of being an accomplice to 9-11 and refuses to call Hamas a terrorist organization.  The fundraising trip for the victory mosque is expected to cost around $35,000.

This is yet another obtuse, politically cumbersome move made by an administration crippled by its need for multicultural adoration. Why not instead send the Imam to Pakistan where he can help shovel out drowning families, or to Somalia where he can persuade vicious Islamic pirates to stop murdering and kidnapping in the name of his peaceful religion? Such a blissful stance toward the enemies of civilization has the potential for chilling consequences.

“Most Muslims love Osama Bin laden, like I love him myself.”

One can nod politely as our president lectures us on the evening of Ramadan, enlightening us as to how peaceful and beautiful Islam is, pleading with us to rise to his level of cultural relativism where we make no distinctions between Islam and Christianity, Ground Zero Mosques or Amish country churches, good or evil.  How enchanting an existence President Obama must have.

It is yet another thing to actually live in reality, outside the cozy glow of your teleprompter, your 70-person secret security detail, and your princesses’ $75,000-a-day taxpayer funded Spanish beachside pleasure sprees.  This is the real world, where Orthodox Islam is a terrifying threat to civilized human beings

These roaches are not even trying to hide anymore.  They have scurried out onto the public floor in the dimming light, knowing the shoe will not drop.  They are ready to gobble up the pacifist goodies that the world’s liberals have laid before them, like taxpayer-funded oil-money requisition benders.

The real question that most Americans are asking is, “Where is the outcry from those ‘peaceful Muslims’ we always hear about?”  Where are the protests against these vile British Muslim activists that promise death to those that support the military? Where are the protests against the actions of Hamas or the insanity of this despicable Mosque proposal?  There is nothing but silence so far as I can hear.

The beauty of this administration’s condescending apparatchik stance on ‘tolerance’ is that one needs only to recall history to dissect it.  The laughable, if not horrifyingly typical, culmination of the modern society is an inflated liberal state collapsing in upon itself and becoming a conquered ruin of moral relativism and cultural understanding.   Just ask the Egyptians, Jews, Greeks, Macedonians, Romans, French, Spanish, or English.

So when our POTUS raises a glass of non-alcoholic beverage in a toast to Islam, in the spirit of peace let us raise one with him.  However when Obama defends the incendiary mosque on the grounds that it is legal, then let us protest.  How cowardly is this president’s excuse.  Of course it’s legal.  The question is whether it’s right and what precedent does it set.  If the project is indeed now righteously doomed than what has Obama once more proven?  That this administration has again acted against the will of the American people…with our own tax dollars.

Benny is a 23-year-old political activist from California, via Iowa. Former Chairman of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans and YAF activist, he has worked for the RNC, CRNC, Heritage Foundation, and Family Research Council and currently works in for an arms manufacturer and defence contractor in Switzerland. Benny loves his pipe tobacco, God, and Family, but not necessarily in that order.