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Hey, everybody, I’m being prepped to take over the conservative movement

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At least according to Elon Green at “progressive/liberal activist news service” AlterNet, who has kindly put me on his liberal enemies list “10 Young Right-Wingers Being Prepped to Take Over the Conservative Movement.” Besides the flattery of calling me “young,” Green almost-kinda-sorta compliments me in the course of describing me as one of the “dependable propagandists for the right’s most monstrous ideas.” So that’s worth a link.

Here’s the important part of the list: my entry. Everybody on the list gets a superhero-type nickname, and I get to be the guy in Watchmen who had the most fun:

8. Sean Medlock, The Daily Caller

"The Comedian"

Approximate Age: 42

Accomplishments: Writing as “Jim Treacher,” Medlock was actually sort of funny. His Eminence Roy Edroso once said the boy was the best the right-wing had — to be fair, that’s praise so faint as to be invisible. TreachLock currently writes for Tucker Carlson’s vanity project, The Daily Caller, which reduces him to bits about how Newsweek sucks. Still, Edroso’s judgment holds true.

Fun Fact: In February, Medlock was hit by a State Department SUV. He was served with a jaywalking ticket while he was in the ER.

Antecedent: Medlock is treading the path worn by late-period Dennis Miller and P. J. O’Rourke.

Flattery will get you everywhere!

Congrats to my fellow fascists: Michael Goldfarb, Mary Katharine Ham, John Hawkins, Mollie Hemingway, Jamie Kirchick, E.D. Kain, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Joseph Rago, and Reihan Salam. I’ll be late for this week’s meeting, guys, but go ahead and light the cross without me.

(Hat tip: Mr. Nick Gillespie)

Jim Treacher