RNC’s effort to save money could prove costly

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On the surface, the RNC's financial problems aren't that bad. Yes, the party is raising less than it has in previous years, but they don't control the WH or Congress. And with a little more than $8M on hand after debts, the RNC actually has more to spend than the DNC, which has just over $7M after accounting for debts.

But those broad numbers don't tell the real story — that since the beginning of '09, Dems have been investing millions of dollars in state parties, bolstering a ground game with which the GOP cannot compete. The monetary advantage Dems have spent more than a year and a half building has GOP strategists worried that Dems have already laid an important foundation in critical seats.

In the last 18 months, the DNC, the DCCC and the DSCC have invested more than $18.8M in state parties across the country. By comparison, the RNC, the NRCC and the NRSC have spent just under $10M, according to data compiled by the FEC.

All 3 Dem committees are outspending their GOP rivals. The DSCC has spread nearly $2.2M to 18 states, including a $350K investment in the losing effort against Brown; $313K to the NV Dem Party and $806K in PA, where Sen. Arlen Specter (D) lost his primary. The DCCC, meanwhile, has begun investing in voter-turnout programs in 26 states, spending $1.1M.

The NRSC has spent just $502K, the vast majority of it going to MA. The party spent $2K in CT as well. The NRCC, meanwhile, has dropped money in 5 states, shelling out $165K total.

While spending scandals surrounding softball equipment and risque nightclubs proved a distraction, they didn't consume a significant amount of resources. Instead, the real trouble the GOP is going to face this year is a lack of investment from the RNC.

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