Fighting for those who fight for us

Kerry Patton Contributor
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While it is a crime to impersonate a law enforcement officer, it is no longer a crime to impersonate a U.S. military hero. We have just witnessed a political quagmire inside the United States that should be construed as another blow to the men and women who selflessly volunteer to keep us safe at night.

While the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with Xavier Alvarez on the “unconstitutionality” of a three-year law, it is evident what is really taking place in America today. Simply put, Alvarez was never a military hero, rather he is an outright zero, and the American elite no longer care about the real heroes of this great nation.

Those identified to ensure that justice prevails inside the United States are the same individuals who are taking away the security of this nation.  The great majority of these persons are attorneys, judges, and politicians alike. While it is noted that some persons in these fields have outstanding patriotism and intelligence, it has become apparent that many within this American elite are crippling our nation.

Justice is a systematic process, entailing the moral and ethical principles that bring about righteousness. This systematic process of justice has taken a turn against our U.S. service members and their civilian counterparts. Three U.S. Navy SEALS were charged based on the allegations of a High Value Target. Luckily for them, they were acquitted, but their careers are now in jeopardy. We have the ongoing atrocity of the Leavenworth 10 and the Pendleton 8 (18 military heroes in prison due to their willingness to fight our enemies). Allen West has also faced similar crises due to his actions in Iraq that virtually forced him into early retirement. And there are numerous civilian contractors facing the same dilemma.

Today, insurance carriers are profiteering from those injured or killed abroad while fighting our enemies. The Defense Base Act is a completely broken principle that allows insurance carriers to become rich without providing contractually agreed services to the injured contractors who fight alongside our men and women in uniform. Statistics prove that the insurance carriers win the majority of DBA claims. Our government continues to allow such actions.

Now, the same system that is breaking apart our defense apparatus is allowing persons to falsify medals achieved or tours of duty; much like Richard Blumenthal and Xavier Alvarez.  It is obvious that the current justice system within the United States is completely broken. We can no longer depend on moral and ethical elected persons to make proper decisions; as it is apparent such individuals can rarely be found today.

America was built by patriots. Our forefathers believed in moral and ethical patriotic responsibilities to fight our foreign and domestic enemies. They sacrificed everything for the future of this great nation.

Those who fight a similar fight today are being belittled, mistreated, and misrepresented by elites. Our traditional media overwhelms us with news about natural disasters and economic hardships, yet they have failed their responsibility to keep us informed about the realities and hardships taking place against the men and women who fight for our freedoms.

While the brave fight for our freedoms, who is fighting for theirs? Justice no longer exists for our brave patriots; it is time we the people bring it back. We must stand up America. We must stand up and write our elected officials, sign petitions, and vote intelligently this November for those who realize that without persons willing to fight for the security of this nation, we have no nation.

Kerry Patton served in the U.S. Defense and Justice departments, and as a contractor within the Homeland Security and State departments. He has worked in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, focusing on intelligence and security interviewing current and former terrorists, including members of the Taliban. He is the author of “Sociocultural Intelligence: The New Discipline of Intelligence Studies.”  Currently, Mr. Patton teaches for Henley Putnam University and is the Northeast Regional Director for Stand Up America www.standupamericaus.com.

Kerry Patton