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Sheryl Crow believes in free speech (for people she likes)

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Remember her? She had some great tunes a while back. “All I Wanna Do,” that was pretty good. And… um… Well, now she’s doing this! Here she is performing her latest single, “Say What You Want”:

I smell a hit. Or something that rhymes with it. Newsbusters has the lyrics, and here’s the first verse:

I saw you ranting on TV today
I heard you tell me to reload
You got a lot of nerve to talk that way
Someone unplug the microphone

“Reload,” get it? As Tammy Bruce points out: “Let me see if I understand: Sheryl Crow’s new anthem is ‘Say What You Want,’ where she tells Palin to shut up?”

Now, of course Sheryl Crow doesn’t have the ability to silence anybody. Unlike the frenetic proponents of the 9/11 Debris Field Mosque, I’m not going to claim she’s violating the First Amendment by exercising it. And she doesn’t have the power of, say, a House Speaker who grumbles about silencing dissent. But isn’t it kind of revealing that Sheryl Crow wants to shut somebody up so much, she wrote and recorded a song about it?

Lighten up, Sheryl. You’re still pretty too!

Jim Treacher