High-tech carts spy on your trash

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I know that the Green Goosesteppers mean well.

I know that they are saving the world from itself and preserving it for those who currently need to chew gum and smoke pot simultaneously in order to pass from one hour to the next.

However, I am a little concerned that, as we are all increasingly placed under surveillance, we will soon be called out for our supposed moral, as well as legal, deficiencies.

Please, for example, look at Cleveland. I don’t know whether the city has decided to climb the Mount of Moral High Ground because of the departure of the slightly self-regarding LeBron James. However, the city is currently instituting a technological trash surveillance program that might portend a future in which we will all tremble at the thought that more than 10 percent of our regular trash might have been recyclable.

You see, according to, the city has decided to make an offer that your refuse cannot refuse. It has embedded chips in carts, so that those nice people who take away the trash can monitor how often your recyclable cart has been brought to the curb for servicing.

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