Latest Facebook Flap: Mark Zuckerberg Cannot Be Blocked

Pat McMahon Contributor
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(Aug. 23) — Facebook may be the world’s largest social-networking website, but in some ways it still maintains the features of a tiny dorm room startup. Case in point is this story from TechCrunch, which notes that it is impossible to block Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Instead, any user who attempts to block Zuckerberg’s profile will receive a message that reads, “General Block failed error: Block failed.” Surge Desk gave blocking Zuckerberg a shot and got the same response.

Mark Zuckerberg’s unblockability is not a long-standing feature. As the anonymous founder of wrote in an e-mail to Gawker, “Until very recently, it *was* possible to block him.” was created to advance a cause: getting Facebookers to block Zuckerberg as a protest against the site’s laxity about its users’ privacy. But, the Blockzuck person tells Gawker, Zuckerberg’s putting himself in “God mode” was “much more interesting than my original lame idea, so I updated the site to reflect that.”

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