Imagining the Manny Ramirez scenarios

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The Manny Ramirez Option.

Kinda sounds like some great ’70s spy film, maybe starring Robert Redford or Jon Voight.

Options are what this is about for the Dodgers, who really have nothing to lose by putting Manny on the waiver wire.

If he goes through unclaimed, then they can listen to any trade offer they want. If he gets claimed, they can pull him back and work out a deal with the club that claimed him; or just let him go to that club, saving the rest of the around $4 million he’s owed.

Let’s imagine, one way or another, he’s outta here. First the National League teams get a shot at him.

— What if he ends up with the … Giants? Look, they’re collecting outfielders. Manny wouldn’t be an upgrade for that offensively challenged collection? Best of all, guess which team the Dodgers play the weekend after the Sept. 1 deadline to be playoff eligible? And at home.

Say the Dodgers rally, but the Giants edge them out for the wild card with Manny leading the way. How’s that for a twisted nightmare?

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