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Joe Miller’s defeat just got even less embarrassing

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As you may recall, a week ago we were informed that Joe Miller would “probably get trounced” by Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary for her Alaskan Senate seat, and that it was going to be “an embarrassing defeat” for Sarah Palin, who has endorsed Miller.

How’s that working out?

Libertarians say no to putting Murkowski on ticket


ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The vice chairman of the Alaska Libertarians says his party will not consider putting U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski on his party’s ticket in the general election.

Harley Brown says Murkowski’s positions do not reflect the values of the Libertarian Party…

Murkowski is running second to Fairbanks attorney Joe Miller for the Republican nomination.

It appears to be working out just fine.

P.S. James Taranto asks: “Why is everyone saying Miller did well? The way he’s going, he’s almost sure to finish next to last.”

Jim Treacher