The height of unfairness

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GOV. MITCH DANIELS of Indiana is enjoying a moment on the lists of presidential hopefuls in the Republican field of dreamers.

No, he’s not showing up prominently in the polls. But his stolidly conservative principles and raging popularity at home have garnered attention from some pundits on the right. He graced the cover of The Weekly Standard in June, illustrated with him riding his I-do-too-have-a-wild-streak Harley. The Economist published a largely admiring profile this month that called him a “likable wonk” — high praise from the likably wonky publication.

Mr. Daniels says he is not actually seeking the job (though if people really beg him, you know …). Still, there is one quality that might keep him from ever taking that four-year lease on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: his height.

Mr. Daniels is officially listed as 5-foot-7.

What kind of superficial knucklehead, you might ask, would base the solemn vote for president on such a meaningless factor as height?

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