It’s Tea Time in Delaware

Pat McMahon Contributor
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Christine O’Donnell is not a household name. Not yet anyway. But the Tea Party Express hopes to change that with a big endorsement and financial boost Monday. “Its a matter of timing,” Tea Party Express spokesman Levi Russell told Fox News, “we’ve had our eye on this race very closely.”

The Tea Party Express, one of many groups within the Tea Party movement, has launched candidates including Scott Brown and Sharron Angle to national fame, and most recently played a large role in the Alaska Republican primary battle between Joe Miller and Rep Lisa Murkowski, R-Ark. According to the organization, now is O’Donnell’s time.

O’Donnell faces Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., in the Republican primary for Delaware’s Senate seat September 14th. She has trailed him by double digits in all the polls and struggled to compete financially. With two weeks until voters in the First State head to the polls, the Tea Party Express hopes to turn things around.

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