Tony Blair ‘threatened’ to leave Gordon Brown locked in toilet

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In his memoir ‘A Journey’ Mr Blair describes being at a friend’s house where the two had met to discuss who would take over as Labour leader following the sudden death of John Smith in 1994.

The old house was being renovated, Mr Blair explains. During the meeting Nick Ryden, the owner of the house, left the leadership contenders alone to talk.

“After an hour or so Gordon got up to go to the loo. I waited downstairs,” Mr Blair recalls.

“Five minutes passed. Then ten. Then fifteen. I was getting a bit alarmed. Suddenly the phone went. As it wasn’t my house, I left it.

“The answerphone clicked in, and Nick’s voice asked the caller to leave a message. Suddenly out of the machine boomed another voice: “Tony, it’s Gordon here.”

Full Story: Tony Blair: ‘threatened’ to leave Gordon Brown locked in toilet – Telegraph

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