Trapped Chilean miners requests for alcohol and cigarettes DENIED

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When trapped miners put a couple of delicacies on a wish list aimed to help them cope with the hardship of spending several months trapped underground, you’d imagine those items would be delivered expediently. Right?


As if hearing that they are to remain in isolation for Lord only knows how long wasn’t enough, the miners are now learning that they will be forced to quit smoking and drinking cold turkey while they wait for said rescue. Ouch.

The Telegraph reports:

Cigarettes were deemed to be bad for their health in such an enclosed space, but they have been given both patches and nicotine gum to help them counter withdrawal symptoms.

Instead of wine, the miners, who have lost about 22lb each in body weight, will have to make do with high protein, high-calorie foods delivered to them in narrow plastic tubes.

Wow. Way to really suck the fun out of being trapped in a mine, Nasa.