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George Clooney’s dad launches own acting career

He’s got a new movie out this week:

What, was ER on in the '70s?

He looks pretty good! The guy’s pushing, what, 80? I remember when he was one of the hosts on AMC back in the ’90s, and he doesn’t look much older than he did back then…

What’s that? It is? Nuh-uh. Are you sure? Okay, if you say so.

Sorry about that, George.

Well, the movie’s called The American, and since it’s Clooney playing the title character, presumably The American is a bad guy. Let’s hope this flick does almost as well as his buddy Matt Damon’s latest disaster, Green Zone. What is it with all these movie stars making movies nobody wants to see? Men Who Stare at Goats? Really? The Informant? Seriously? Back in the old days, movie stars used to play characters that people liked, and they didn’t crap all over their own country.

Jeez, listen to me. Sorry, guys. The bad knee’s got me walking like an old man, and now I sound like one. Get off my lawn, etc.