Over-the-top celebrity insurance policies [SLIDESHOW]

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Steeler Nation knows Troy Polamalu as the talented safety who led their team to two Superbowl championships.  The 29-year-old’s remarkable athletic prowess, however, is not his most valuable asset.

Polamalu’s incredibly long (3ft, to be exact), frizzy hair garnered so much buzz recently that Procter & Gamble took out a $1 million Lloyd’s of London policy on his mane after a series of ads featuring Troy endorsing Head & Shoulders became popular.

What company in its right mind would insure such a thing as an NFL player’s wild locks, you ask? While it is definitely not common for lowly, ordinary folk like us, Lloyds and other major agencies have insured celebrities’ body parts, vocal chords and even their wildest fears.

Here are some select star insurance policies with truly extreme payouts: