Paris Hilton busted by Twitter pic?

interns Contributor

It is not easy being Paris Hilton. You have to spend so much of your time focused on the “being Paris Hilton” part that it leaves very little time for much else. Like considering the state of the nation. Or remembering what pictures you tweeted a month ago.

My fingers flicker with sympathy because Hilton seems to have got herself into a slight pickle. A slight pickle that might be less slight than her much-loved sex video.

An SUV in which she was accompanied by her boyfriend was stopped Friday in Las Vegas when police reportedly detected the niff of pot. The police also reported finding 0.8 gram of cocaine in a purse.

Hilton reportedly explained that while some of the rather fetching Chanel purse’s contents were indeed purchased with the intent of assisting her well-being–her asthma medication, for example–neither the purse, nor the illegal powder in fact belonged to her. She had reportedly borrowed the purse from a girlfriend.


You see, at 1.48 p.m. on July 15, Hilton availed herself of Twitter to inform her more than 2.5 million followers: “Love My New Chanel Purse I got Today.:)” She conveniently added a Twitpic of this remarkable, lovable, valuable piece.

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