Vivia Morgan is unafraid to accuse political adversaries of being ‘fat racist pigs’

Vivia Morgan, an Independent who’s challenging Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate in New York, is among the politicians this election cycle whose hard drive appears to lack an edit feature.

In the last two weeks, Morgan has compared the Democratic State Convention to a KKK meeting, labeled Democratic State Committee Executive Director Charlie King “a pathetic Tom” and most recently called New York city councilman Lewis Fidler a “fat racist pig.” She highlighted the sentiments in typo-riddled press releases.

The first Jamaican-American to run for the Senate U.S. in history is running on a marijuana legalization platform. Morgan, who when asked if she had ever actually smoked the plant said she “[didn’t] recall,” is taking on the establishment guns a-blazing.

She repeatedly claims that she is “the only person of color” on the 2010 November ballot in New York and is letting the Democratic “White Power establishment” know that she is not backing down.

This week Democratic New York City Councilman Lewis Fidler was the target of her ire following his challenge to the ballot status of New York City Councilman Charles Barron’s Freedom Party (with which he is making a run for governor). “This is raw racism and Fidler is a racist pig,” Morgan said. “What reason could have [sic] for challenging these petitions but to deny a black and brown people ballot access?”

But she was not through yet: “The White Power establishment and their errand boy Lew Fidler, wants to stop brother Barron from offering people a choice,” Morgan proclaimed. “The all-white Democratic state ticket fears people of color.”

Fidler told The Daily Caller that when he heard about the smears his first question was: “Who is Vivia Morgan?”

“I have opposed what Mr. Barron is doing because by his own words, he is creating a party that is based entirely on race, which I think is antithetical to what this country stands for.” Fidler said, noting his support for various other black candidates in the past. “I believe parties ought to be organized based on ideology, character, credentials and not based on the color of a person’s skin and I don’t think that makes me a racist.”

Fidler went on to explain the absurdity of the fact that the decision about Barron was made more than a week ago and the reaction via press release has only just come out.

Either way Morgan is not backing down.”I will stage a march of people of color on this pig’s home and confront him if Barron is removed from the ballot,” said Morgan. “The pig Fidler must know their [sic] will be consequences.”

Morgan’s campaign did not immediately respond to calls from TheDC.

After being told who Vivia Morgan was, Gillibrand’s office declined to comment.

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