GOP resurgence in Ohio

Pat McMahon Contributor
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Republican candidates have grabbed double-digit leads in the races for governor and the U.S. Senate, and the swelling red tide could lead to a GOP sweep of statewide offices, the first Dispatch Poll of the 2010 campaign shows.

With voter enthusiasm running nearly three times higher among Republicans than Democrats, GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich leads by 12 points over Gov. Ted Strickland while GOP Senate hopeful Rob Portman tops Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher by 13 points.

“I am enthusiastic about the upcoming election because it will kick out many of the incumbents,” said survey participant Aivars Vimba, 70, a retired technician from suburban Cincinnati and a Republican. “My wife, who hasn’t voted in years, will vote this time.”

At the other end of the state, Edward Obloy, a 62-year-old lawyer and management consultant from Toledo, said, “This is probably the single most important election in my lifetime. If the country delivers control to the Democrats again, no governor on (President Barack) Obama’s accelerator will be in place and as a consequence we’ll be unable to reverse course before he leaves office.”

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