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Ask Matt Labash how a guy like me deserves such a good friend

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Even before I moved to DC and joined the Daily Caller, I was a fan of Matt Labash’s writing. Whenever he had a new piece at The Weekly Standard, I knew what I was going to be doing that day. (Just to clarify, I knew I was going to be reading Labash.) One of the great perks of this job has been getting to know him. He’s one of those guys who seems to bring out the best in other people. When I’m talking to him, I think of things that are actually funny, as opposed to my usual dreck. He’s a good friend and I’m honored to know him. As a great man once sang: Yeah, I tease him a lot ’cause I got him on the spot.

I haven’t had a chance to read his column this week, but I can recommend it sight unseen because it’s Labash. Go read it right now.

P.S. Okay, I just read it. Never mind.

Jim Treacher