At Google, doodling is real work

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–They’ve celebrated Pac-Man’s anniversary, Einstein’s birthday, the World Cup, the Fourth of July, Persian New Year, the Olympics, U.S. elections, and just about everything in between. Who are they? Google’s Doodlers, of course.

A band of artists whose job it is to translate special events into those colorful, whimsical versions of Google’s corporate logo, the Doodlers almost certainly have one of the best jobs in the world.

This team’s members mix artistic skills with an ability to fit into Google’s culture–meaning they can speak engineering and hold their own among the uber-geeks–in order to do the one thing at Google designed specifically to put a smile on people’s faces the world over.

After working on a story about Google’s creation of a special playable Pac-Man doodle back in May, I arranged for a visit with the Doodlers to witness their process and the creation of an actual doodle. So it was on a sunny Tuesday morning last month, I found myself among the Doodlers in a small conference room at the search giant’s headquarters here.

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