The administration is trying to intimidate Arizonans

Buz Mills Contributor
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Arizona is in the politically correct bulls-eye.  What started out as a Democratic diversion to bolster the party’s base and intimidate other states from following suit in the fight to control the borders has escalated into an all-out legal battle between justice and Chicago-style arm-twisting.

It began with the endless whining about Senate Bill 1070, Arizona’s law (a mirror image of federal law) to assist law enforcement in identifying criminals.  Arizona’s law enforcers need SB1070 to protect us from the wave of international criminals and illegal immigrants flooding through Arizona en route to the rest of the country.

Next, in an attempt to put some muscle behind its whimpers, the administration employed its minions—the ACLU, labor unions and 15 others—to file a class action lawsuit against Arizona’s border sheriffs.

Then, apparently thinking they can help bankrupt Arizona by filing ever more expensive litigation, administration officials directly sued Arizona for trying to enforce federal immigration laws.

And of course, this was followed by a boycott of Arizona.

Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton, acting like a schoolyard bully, “turned Arizona in” to the UN’s so-called Human Rights Council for alleged human rights violations.  The committee is chaired by global champions of human rights like Libya, China, Saudi Arabia and the Sudan.

Then, this week, Obama sued the Maricopa County Community College system for discrimination, because it requires all newly hired non-citizens to present work authorization documents.

A few days later, more taxpayer money was expended to sue Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for alleged civil rights violations.

This comes after a federal judge stayed the enforcement of SB1070’s most important sections.

Can you believe this?  Our federal government is abandoning a sovereign member state, and is doing so at massive expensive to the US taxpayer.

This is all about Chicago-style intimidation.  The administration wants to make it so hard on Arizona and her sheriffs that other states will be intimidated into not doing the right thing.  The administration wants to stop the enforcement of laws already on the books and make everyone knuckle-under to its socialist demands.

Imagine this, in America: These sheriffs have gone to the front lines every day to stand between Arizona residents and the international criminals.  Now the pointy-headed liberals, from the cozy perspective of their air-conditioned ivory towers, are stabbing the sheriffs in the back; all while they work hard to keep our citizens safe.  Clearly, the administration’s goal is to bankrupt sheriffs with lawsuits they and their families cannot afford to fight.

The feds are hoping that they can intimidate the great people of Arizona, and that this tactic can be used against other states to enact their entire laundry list of initiatives: healthcare, cap and tax, more entitlements, etc., against which the states will undoubtedly try to exercise their 10thAmendment rights.

This is important.  If the administration’s tactics succeed, it will have major long-term ramifications for how our country will progress in the 21st century.

Well, NOT in Arizona, NOT in America.  We will not let the Obama administration intimidate us.  We must stop this here and now.  A victory for the politically correct opponents of SB1070 will only embolden them.

If this kind of cultural thuggery is allowed to prevail, we will all lose.

Buz Mills is the Chairman of www.Bordersheriffs.com, owner of Gunsite Academy, an elite firearms training facility and former Arizona GOP Gubernatorial candidate.