Tea Partiers prepare signs for 9/12 rally [SLIDESHOW]

Matthew Boyle | Investigative Reporter

Tea Partiers from around the country gathered at the Hyatt Regency near Capitol Hill on Saturday to prepare signs for the 9/12 rally and event Sunday.

Tea Partier Todd Kulp, who was at the sign-making event, said the reason he came to Washington, D.C., this weekend is to demonstrate that people are upset with what the government has been doing with the economy and health care. He also said that President Barack Obama has had enough time to prove he knows how to get the economy running again and that, now, the nation needs to take a different direction.

“Everybody could always claim they need more time,” Kulp said. “More time will only hurt us.”

Kulp said there’s no doubt that Obama’s newly proposed package to stimulate the economy is another “stimulus,” even if the president refuses to call it that.

“He can’t tell people the truth or they’ll turn it down,” he said.

Kulp thinks the GOP will take back control of Washington in November and said the Democrats are running scared.

“Check their feet,” he said. “They’re scurrying. The rats are leaving the ship.”

Heather Michalk, a high school history teacher from Louisiana, met her sister Tammy Shisler from Texas in Washington for the rally because they said it’s time to take the country back.

“We came last year and we came this year, and even though our father has had seven heart attacks, if we had an excuse not to come, everyone would have an excuse not to come,” Michalk said. “I’m here to represent my family and the American way of life.”


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