Mainstream media is a bunch of synchronized swimmers

Matt O'Connor Contributor
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Last week, President Obama flew to Ohio to provide the country with more partisan rhetoric, but this time the president had one thing in mind — well, actually two things.  The first was to provide a verbal shot in the arm of that old nugget of a political wedge: class warfare.  The second was to portray the Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner, as the personification of all that is bad with the country, despite the fact that the president and his party have been running the show for almost two years and most Americans have never even heard of Boehner.

And who does the president and the Democratic Congress have on their side badgering the American public through it all?  The mainstream media, the journalists who are supposed to operate as America’s fourth estate, to keep the public informed and ensure that those in power are held accountable for their policies, statements and actions.

The mainstream media appears to have hit its stride in covering Mr. Obama’s campaign and now his presidency.  It’s a stride of elegant journalistic corruption executed in seamless fashion, an unholy alliance of synchronized swimmers — foolish as they may look — performing in complete synchronicity.

Just as President Obama rolls out his new anti-Boehner rhetoric, the New York Times took to its Sunday edition to paint the GOP minority leader as a nefarious politician who talks with industry representatives and lobbyists and takes campaign donations from those aligned with his political views.

Perhaps we should give the mainstream media credit for being consistent — consistent in failing the American public.  It seems as if the mainstream media has sworn off objective reporting in order to gain a president who contravenes the Constitution and divides the nation.

What more could we expect from the synchronized swimmers called “the mainstream media”?

Matt O’Connor is a freelance writer and founder of Clarion Advisory, LLC, a media production company, and serves as the executive editor of Clarion Advisory.com, a website featuring political commentary and the continuous aggregation of national and international news covering politics and business. Prior to forming Clarion Advisory, Matt worked as a broker and vice president within a Fortune 250 company on the West Coast.