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What’s a five-letter word that starts with ‘p’ and ends with ‘k’?

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I have absolutely no idea, but according to The Sun in London, you’ll get in big trouble if you say it to the President of the United States:

A Brit teen who sent an email to the White House calling President Obama a “p***k” has been banned from America FOR LIFE.

The furious FBI asked local cops to tell college student Luke Angel, 17, his drunken insult was “unacceptable”. Luke yesterday admitted he fired off a single email criticising the US Government after seeing a TV programme about 9/11.

He said: “I don’t remember exactly what I wrote as I was drunk. But I think I called Barack Obama a p***k. It was silly – the sort of thing you do when you’re a teenager and have had a few…”

Joanne Ferreira, of the US Department of Homeland Security, said there are about 60 reasons a person can be barred.

She added: “We are prohibited from discussing specific cases.”

So much for “people aren’t illegal.” Lob a shoe at President Bush and you’re an international hero. Lob an insult at President Obama and you’re banned from America for life. Hey, who hasn’t said stuff they’ve regretted when they were drunk? That doesn’t mean you should hold it against them for as long as they live.

Quin Hillyer at the American Spectator is offering to fly the young lad to America just to see what happens. And our own Mike Riggs asks: “Do you feel safer, America, now that our airports are filled with x-ray machines and DHS is banning loudmouths? I SURE DO NOT!”

Jim Treacher