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Breaking: Professional athletes behave inappropriately toward attractive woman in tight clothing

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The other day a lovely young sports reporter named Ines Sainz was covering the New York Jets for TV Azteca, and while she was in the locker room, some of the players behaved inappropriately because she’s super-hot and they’re professional football players and that’s wrong. The NFL is investigating, and the Jets will be undergoing sensitivity training.

You know who doesn’t like that? Ditka! Our own Caroline May asked none other than Mike Ditka about it, and he said…

…the whole situation is just plain “stupid.”

“The country is full of nonsense, not common sense now! Let’s go back to common sense. Come on, guys!” he lamented…

…Coach Ditka considers the attention Sainz received to be somewhat complimentary.

“She’s an attractive girl, that’s why she combs her hair, wears those tight jeans, and all that make up,” he told TheDC. “She had no room in those pants.”

Whoa! Let’s hold on there, Coach. Here’s what Sainz was wearing:

And now, strictly for instructional purposes, here’s a closeup of the area in question:

I want you to take a good look at that, Coach Ditka. A good, long look.

I forgot my point. Oh yeah! Sexism. It’s bad and stuff. Stop it.

(And whatever you’re doing right now, dear reader, I’m willing to bet Christine O’Donnell does not approve.)

Jim Treacher