Jimmy Johnson touches down on ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’

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There are many things you can call Fox NFL sports analyst and coaching legend Jimmy Johnson but “wimp” is not one of them.

When two blocked arteries prevented him from competing on his favorite TV show, CBS’ “Survivor,” three years ago, Johnson underwent heart surgery, lost 30 pounds, cut his cholesterol level in half and applied again. The network couldn’t resist and offered him a slot on “Survivor: Nicaragua,” which premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. (Yes, that’s a new night for the granddaddy of reality TV shows).

The coach behind back-to-back Super Bowl championships for the Dallas Cowboys is not the first NFL-er to rough it in the “Survivor” jungle — retired quarterback Gary Hogeboom made it to Day 30 in Guatemala five years ago — but Johnson is definitely the game’s first bona fide celebrity. His celebrated status only meant that he arrived on a Nicaraguan beach with a huge target on his back, or his famous perfect head of hair.

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