What Ails North Korea’s Kim Jong Il

interns Contributor
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North Korea abruptly postponed today what was billed as the country’s largest political convention in 30 years, renewing speculation that the secretive country’s supreme leader Kim Jong Il may be too sick — possibly with diabetes — to dominate the convention.

Experts have widely speculated that the meeting would be a way for Kim to promote his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, as his heir apparent.

But Good Friends, a welfare group based in Seoul, says the delegates from all over the nation are heading back to their hometowns after the convention was postponed “due to floods” and “due to lack of quorum.”

The group, quoting a representative in Pyongyang who was waiting for the meeting to convene, said many participants could not travel to the convention “because the roads were disconnected by Typhoon Kompasu,” which hit the nation on Sept. 2.

As if to back up the speculation, Pyongyang’s official state media reported today that dozens of people were killed, 8,000 homes damaged, communications cut off, and railroads disconnected by the typhoon.

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