Pheasant hunting tips from experts

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Most of us were taught to hunt by a father, uncle or maybe a best friend. Then we went afield and learned on our feet. And wasn’t that a fun learning curve!

Only later did we learn to seek advice from masters, especially when hunting in a new region. We found that local advice speeds up the learning curve, especially when on a do-it-yourself adventure. We came to understand that years of struggling could be skipped with just a few kind words from someone who knows the local game and terrain.

Wild flushes and runners taught us that pheasants know their habitat, that they’d rather run through their secret haven than flush at our feet. As many of us travel to the pheasant-rich Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, the open plains of eastern Montana and other public land pheasant destinations once or twice a year from Minneapolis or Chicago or from cities and towns farther east, we found we must quickly figure out these wily birds and their escape tactics. That’s what this article covers. To make this season’s visit to your favorite pheasant destination—whether local or out of state—more successful, here’s the inside advice from four pheasant masters.

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