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Whoopi wants 70% of the U.S. to kiss her butt

Newsbusters points out the latest bon mot from the ever-delightful Whoopi Goldberg:

The fact that there were protests on 9/11 really also irritated me. You know what, I don’t have time to listen to your side or your side. This is about the people that lost their lives. That’s why we’re coming together. And the fact that y’all are fighting in the streets – kiss my butt, get out of here.

Well, even famous people get lonely sometimes. I just wish she had made this threat back when the whole thing started, when it might have done some good. A lot of people would’ve had second thoughts about speaking out, given the choice between opposing the Ground Zero Mosque and placing their lips on Whoopi’s buttocks. It could’ve defused the whole situation right there and then.

This would’ve worked for all sorts of policy issues. “Oh, you don’t like Obamacare? Do you hate it more than having Whoopi Goldberg’s hindquarters shoved in your face? I didn’t think so. Shut up.” Well, too late now.