Woman steals baby, abandons it

Vince Coglianese Contributor

Prosecutors say she told her boyfriend she was pregnant. But it was a lie. She even wore a fake tummy bulge to fool everybody.

Now that woman is in jail, charged with kidnapping her cousin’s two-week-old infant daughter, then abandoning her in a forest. Diana Mercado, 18, could be facing years behind bars.

CBS2’s Mike Parker has the story of her bizarre deception.

Authorities say that on Tuesday, Mercado and a juvenile accomplice came to the Villa Park house where Brian Tapia lives with his girlfriend, Christina, and their newborn girl, Sophia. They went inside and while Tapia watched TV and the baby’s mom was in another room, Mercado allegedly snatched little Sophia and took off.

Police say the baby was taken to the Illinois Prairie Path a few blocks away, tucked in behind some trees, then abandoned.

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