Lies and the lying Democrats who tell them

Wesley Messamore Editor in Chief, HumbleLibertarian.com
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Yesterday the New York Times reported that Obama’s political advisers are trying to think of ways to give Democrats a boost in the final months leading up to the midterm elections, including national advertisements “to cast the Republican Party as all but taken over by Tea Party extremists.”

A winning strategy? Absolutely not. In a year that is going to swing in the Tea Party’s direction, identifying your opposition with the Tea Party is only going to strengthen it.

But more interestingly, this new line of propaganda contradicts the Democrats’ earlier line that the Tea Party was a pawn and puppet of the establishment GOP. Which is it, Democrats? Are the Tea Partiers just AstroTurf puppets on the strings of the GOP, with no principles and no purpose but to get Republicans elected; or are they rabid ideologues with “extremist” principles who have hijacked and now control the GOP?

Hmmm? Which is it? Because it can’t be both. But you know that don’t you, Democrats? Your Alinskyite training and principles tell you that the truth doesn’t really matter at all, and that the purpose of words is to help you gain power, not to help you communicate truth — isn’t that right?

Everything that’s been said about the Tea Parties by the Establishment media and partisan machine has been fabrications from the very beginning, often contradictory and transparently false ones. All of the shrill denouncements, fabricated smears, and contradictory narratives say a lot more about those making the accusations than about the Tea Party — that the accusers are scared witless.

For once in recent history, average, white, middle-aged, middle-class, Christians with families and jobs are actually rising up and raging against the machine, criticizing corporate malfeasance, demanding accountability and transparency in Washington, and hoping for a major public policy revolution that will finally break the decades-long status quo of consolidating federal and corporate power.

This should have been any honest liberal’s greatest dream, but we know Mr. Obama and company are not honest liberals. That’s why they lie and denigrate the Tea Parties, because they can’t afford any real Hope or Change in this country.

Wes Messamore is the editor in chief at HumbleLibertarian.com.