O’Donnell, Coons up with first spots in Delaware

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Watch ‘em together for some early insight into the race. The first clip comes from DeMint’s PAC, which is set to spend at least $250,000 putting it on the air; the second, from the DSCC, received $95,000 worth of TV time today. Two common threads worth noting. One: Both spots are mainly about O’Donnell, which sort of makes sense. Coons has nothing to run on except The One’s agenda, a risky proposition this year even in a state as liberal as Delaware, so the Dems are better off using their airtime to try to define her. All they have to do to win with a blue electorate is generate enough doubt about the Republican that undecideds will vote the way they’re used to voting, i.e. for an uninspiring party-hack Democrat. Or so the theory goes; I actually wonder if that’ll work as well as they think given O’Donnell’s newfound national celebrity. If voters go into the booth thinking it’s a choice between “O’Donnell and not-O’Donnell” rather than “Democrat and shady Republican,” then suddenly Coons is the one who looks like an unknown quantity that it might be risky to gamble on.


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