Prominent female politician dabbles in the occult?

Jim Treacher | Blogger

From the New York Daily News on June 24, 1996:

The White House yesterday tried to downplay Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ties with controversial spiritualist Jean Houston denying that the First Lady is involved with seances or gurus.

In his book “The Choice,” Bob Woodward reveals that Houston conducted White House sessions where the First Lady held conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi.

“There was none of this mystic mumbo jumbo these were not seances,” Clinton’s spokesman Neel Lattimore said. “This was just a use of her imagination…”

Neither President Clinton nor the First Lady commented on the book yesterday. But in her syndicated column on June 4, Clinton acknowledged she has had imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt.

Well, who hasn’t?

Give Hillary a break, though. She was just a young girl in her mid-’40s. You know how it is… You get in with the wrong crowd, you meet a boy who’s no good for you, and the next thing you know, you’re someplace you don’t belong and everything is strange and frightening. Can you blame her for seeking solace in the unknown?

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