Murkowski misspells name in first ad for write-in candidacy

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Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska faces high hurdles as a write-in Senate candidate — her own campaign demonstrated as much on Monday with a rather striking mistake in the first online ad of her renewed re-election bid.

Murkowski, who lost the Republican primary to Tea Party-backed challenger Joe Miller last month, announced Friday that she will seek re-election as a write-in candidate.

“You’ve got to learn how to spell my name, but that’s not as tough as it sounds, and over the next 45 days we’ll be teaching you how to spell it,” Murkowski said Friday, RealClearPolitics reports.

The ad her campaign launched Monday aimed to do just that — the approximately minute-long spot portrays a 1950’s era classroom in which students learn how to fill in the bubble for write-in candidates and then write in Murkowski’s name. The ad is called, “Fill it in! Write it in! A Murkowski Public Service Announcement.”

The first version of the ad, however, misspelled Murkowski’s name in the URL of her website. It told viewers to visit LisaMurkwski.com. As RealClearPolitics reported, that specific URL leads to an anti-Murkowski, pro-Miller website that claims to be unaffiliated with the Miller campaign.

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