Virginia woman to be executed is first in 98 years

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For the first time in 98 years, a female convict will be executed later this month in Virginia. Unless the governor or Supreme Court intervenes, the execution will take place on September 23rd. Lewis, a 41-year-old grandmother, was convicted of hiring two men to kill her husband.

Lewis pled guilty to hiring two men to murder her husband, Julian Lewis, and stepson in 2002, in a plot to collect life insurance money. The crime was considered especially heinous because she participated in the perpetration of the crime. Lewis took money out of her husband’s wallet, to simulate a robbery gone wrong, as he lay dying from gunshot wounds. She delayed calling the police to make sure her husband died. However, she didn’t wait long enough and Julian was able to tell police, “My wife knows who done this to me.” Unfortunately, he died later on. It turned out that Teresa Lewis was having an affair with one of the men hired to kill her husband.

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