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People click on headlines about Christine O’Donnell, right?

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Hey, it worked! Here she is talking to Sean Hannity yesterday:

The big takeaway from this, apparently, is O’Donnell’s claim that this will be her only national media appearance until the election. Uh-oh. Now the media might be mean to her!

But it does seem like a bad decision, considering her poise and confidence on-camera. Why not use that to her advantage? Sure, all but one channel is hoping she’ll “have a car crash on-air,” but she could also win some people over. Plus, she sure is cute.

Then again, have you seen the ratings for network news lately? Pretty grim. Maybe they need her more than she needs them. After all, if you’re a politician, why do you talk to the press? To get your message out. Well, why bother, if they’re openly hostile to you and you can get your message out without them?

Even if they get their wish and she loses, it’s fun to watch them panic as everyone realizes they’re not nearly as powerful and influential as they used to be. Maybe it’s a mistake not to jump through their hoops, but at least it saves all the trouble of jumping through their hoops.

Jim Treacher