A Tea Party Pledge to the 112th Congress

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We the citizens of America, having been faithful to the traditions of our Founding Fathers and those dedicated to the long-established American dream, pledge to be constantly vocal, vigilant, and instructive to Congress and the executive branch of the federal government regarding our feelings for, and rights under, the Constitution. We will persistently call upon the GOP to mean what they say with their Pledge to America dated September 23, 2010, and:

  1. Never again allow the GOP, home of traditional conservatism, to hijack our dreams with moderate and liberal positions contrary to our American values, annually scoring each and every member of Congress on their adherence to the Pledge to America.
  2. We pledge to educate our elected leaders in the precepts of original source Constitutional theory and law and hold all members of Congress and the executive branch to those principles set forth in our founding documents.
  3. We pledge to push for repeal of unconstitutional legislation imposed upon us by the 111th Congress, and those preceding it, whose members occupied the 2008-2010 Democratic Congressional majority.
  4. We pledge to pay for an “affordable” government and hold Congress to fiscal responsibility “as if” the federal house was our own, expecting Congress to run government like a good business.
  5. We further pledge to watch our Congress balance its budget each fiscal year, and to pay down our debt annually in a methodical and thoughtful manner.
  6. We expect change and reform of the vast and unsustainable entitlement programs now on the books, which support one in five Americans and encourage dependency. Such change should promote human value and dignity, and yet manage to replace dependency with independence and prosperous self-reliance.
  7. We expect the 112thCongress to act on tax reform, not merely “throw bones” to us with a cherry-picked tax benefit package. We expect action toward repeal of the insufferable 98-year reign of the hated “income tax” with its incomprehensible codes filling tens of thousands of unmanageable and perplexing pages. While not opposed to taxation for the general welfare and defense of our great country, we expect a fair tax, incentivizing productivity and entrepreneurial creativity, with equal consequence for all citizens based upon choices, and without penalty or prejudice for or against any earning class or group.
  8. We pledge to stand for real American values such as respect for life, traditional marriage between a man and a woman, faith and religion, free speech, free-market economics, strong national defense, secure borders, and state and local governments’ rights. We expect our Congress to do likewise.
  9. We pledge to sustain the national identity of the United States of America against globalism of all kinds; monetary, legal, and national defense. This pledge intends to assure all mankind that the America of “real hope” is ever alive, strong, and holding out the lamp of freedom to all.
  10. Finally we pledge to continue to be loud but peaceful, funding and supporting candidates directly who adhere to the Pledge to America, as we support and sustain the banner of liberty, our Constitution, for the benefit of all Americans living and those yet unborn.

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling novelist and non-fiction author, CEO of PowerThink Publishing, public speaker, Op Ed writer for The Daily Caller, and Founder of Reagan Revolution 2. Email: james@powerthink.com.