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Hippie punched

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I had not heard of “hippie punching” before today, but it sounds like fun! Greg Sargent types:

Top Obama adviser David Axelrod got an earful of the liberal blogosphere’s anger at the White House moments ago, when a blogger on a conference call directly called out Axelrod over White House criticism of the left, accusing the administration of “hippie punching…”

That tension burst out into the open when Madrak directly asked Axelrod: “Have you ever heard of hippie punching?” That prompted a long silence from Axelrod.

“You want us to help you, the first thing I would suggest is enough of the hippie punching,” Madrak added. “We’re the girl you’ll take under the bleachers but you won’t be seen with in the light of day.”

In case you missed it, a liberal blogger just complained to a senior White House official that he’s making her job tougher. Join the club, liberal blogger. The White House is making a lot of people’s jobs tougher. (Fortunately for me, I’m not one of them. Just the opposite!)

Moe Lane had never heard of “hippie punching” either, but from the context, he defines it as “to smack around progressive activists, safe and secure in the knowledge that they lack the internal dignity, elementary sense of self-worth, and bare minimum of personal courage necessary to do anything about it.” Not only does hippie punching sound fun and relaxing, but it’s got fundraising potential. How much would you pay for an evening of smacking around progressive activists? I know, right? If they insist on painting themselves as victims, no matter how much of what they want they actually get, might as well put that instinct to good use.

Oh, and about those bleachers: You went there and did what was asked of you willingly, dollface. The rest of us knew better, and what happened under there is nobody’s fault but your own. Live and learn.

P.S. Left Coast Rebel: “Shouldn’t the news be that the White House listens to far-left hate sites?”

Jim Treacher