Emanuels may be homeless in Chicago as tenant won’t budge

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Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, may not be able to live in his own home if he returns to Chicago to run for mayor.

Emanuel is a Chicago native and owns a house in the Lakeview neighborhood, where he lived while he was congressman for a district that includes parts of the city’s north side and adjacent suburbs.

When he and his wife, Amy Rule, moved their family to Washington, they rented out the 2,719-square-foot home. The Chicago Sun-Times reported today that Emanuel is having a hard time persuading his tenant to move out before the lease expires in June.

The situation presents a possible political headache because opponents could challenge Emanuel’s residency. As Chicago friends learned about the situation, he received several offers of places to stay in the city, said a person close to him who asked not to be named.

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