Hoyer: House leadership still considering vote on Bush tax cuts before election

Chris Moody Contributor
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House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Tuesday that Democrats were still considering holding a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts before the November midterm elections.

“It is certainly under consideration,” Hoyer said Tuesday.

He added that it was “doubtful,” but “that’s not saying we’re not going to do it.”

If House leadership decides to introduce a vote this week, the measure will extend tax cuts for households earning $250,000 per year or less, Hoyer said. He insisted that the party was “united” behind a plan to keep tax rates at their current level for income earned up to $250,000. Republicans and a few Democrats have voiced support for extending them for all Americans.

In a letter sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week, 47 House Democrats implored her to include capital gains and dividends in the tax cut extension, and many Democrats have asked for a vote before the elections.

The House returns this week to address a number of measures, most importantly a resolution to keep the government funded through fiscal year 2011. Hoyer said Democrats will decide when to hold a vote on the tax cuts during that time.

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