Joe Miller may have taken advantage of Alaskan benefits for low-income families

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After he first came to Alaska, purchased a home in South Anchorage and started work as an attorney for a prominent local firm, Senate candidate Joe Miller and his wife obtained resident low-income hunting and fishing licenses that require a family annual income of less than $8,200.

Miller campaign spokesman Randy Desoto said the family met the guidelines for the 1995 licenses. He said Miller had been a full time law student at Yale on a merit scholarship the previous years and his wife was taking care of their children, with family expenses paid through loans.

The Alaska resident low-income sportfishing, hunting and trapping licenses require a person to have their domicile in Alaska for the previous 12 months. The person must also either be on welfare or have an annual family gross income of less than $8,200 for the year before applying for the license.

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