Alleged White House gate-crasher organizing D.C. mayoral campaign

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

Carlos Allen, a Washington D.C. entrepreneur known for allegedly crashing President Obama’s first state dinner, tells The Daily Caller that he’s serious about running for mayor of the nation’s capital as an independent.

“Yes sir. I’m on the ballot,” Allen told The DC during a brief phone call Wednesday afternoon. He’ll face Democrat Vincent Gray, who defeated incumbent mayor Adrian Fenty earlier this month in the Democratic primary, in November.

A press conference is scheduled for Friday, Allen said, to make it known that “there’s not just one candidate in the race right now.”

As TheDC reported, Allen (along with the more famous Salahis) was interviewed by the Secret Service after it was revealed he snuck into January’s White House state dinner with the prime minister of India. Allen has denied he was there.

But sources told TheDC’s Tucker Carlson that, after making it into the White House dinner, Allen orchestrated a number of pictures of himself with famous people, including Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Colin Powell, David Axelrod and Nancy Pelosi, and had White House staffers sit him at a table with Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts and the ambassador to Belize.

Campaign signs for Allen that say the candidate is “the first Afro-Latino in history” have appeared across Washington — and have been the subject of a few laughs on several websites. But on his campaign website, the word “mayor” is added to that line to form the more accurate claim, “the first Afro-Latino mayor in history.”

Allen, born in Panama to a U.S. military family, moved to Washington in 1990 and lives in the Mount Pleasant community. He says he’s a self-trained financial consultant who has owned and operated several companies, including a “credit-financial consulting, mortgage lending, real estate investing, and a philanthropic internet magazine.”