GameCrush lets guys pay money to play online games with women (seriously)

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Meet GameCrush, a startup that manages to sound both ridiculous and very promising at once. The gist: take the millions of male gamers out there and offer to hook them up online with a gaming buddy of the opposite sex for a fee. Or, as founder Eric Strasser put it, “if you can buy a girl a drink in a sports bar, why not buy her a game online?”

The site looks like the fusion of a social network, a casual gaming portal, and a porny cam site. But, as the founders make clear, this isn’t a place for porn — though there are photos of attractive women abound.  After signing up, a gamer (usually a male over the age of 18) browses the profiles of “PlayDates”, which is the term used to refer to the women on the site. Each profile includes the woman’s interests and commonly played games, and of course a gallery of photos are featured front-and-center.

Once a guy has found a profile he likes, he can message the PlayDate and see if she’s interested in playing a game with him (video chats are encouraged). GameCrush has a small library of multiplayer Flash-based games integrated into site, and users can also coordinate a meetup in another gaming environment.

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