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India founds its own version of the Agency to Prevent Evil

Matthew De George at Sports Grid writes:

Critics have lined up in recent weeks to take shots at India’s preparations for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, a quadrennial Olympic-style competition for members of the Commonwealth of Nations (some 71 nations and territories throughout the world, most of whom are former British colonies)…

Apparently, in a country where diseases such as Dengue fever are a very real threat, one of the major threats to human visitors is a certain species of monkey, the Common Indian Bonnet macaque. The species is pervasive in the area, even in ostensibly urban areas, and has been known to aggressively attack humans.

Enter the monkey cops. Squadrons of trained slender-tail Langurs will be on patrol near stadium venues and in the athletes’ village to repel any rogue macaques. According to Metro UK, this species of Langurs are extremely efficient at deterring macaque attacks, with a relatively small number able to keep a comparatively large macaque population in check.

Scoff all you like, but this is nothing new. There’s a fine tradition of simians in law enforcement, and the war between good monkeys and bad monkeys has gone on for years:


This show aired almost 40 years ago, and Christine O’Donnell wants to know why Lance hasn’t turned into a human yet. HA HA HA GET IT??

(Hat tip: Natasha Mayer)